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SkyTrain to UBC on right track
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Canadian home sales edge up
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Look for 75 cent loonie when Canada comes off its sugar high, forecasters warn
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Tax avoidance behind Metro Vancouver's disconnect between housing, income
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Radical disconnect as average Metro Vancouver earner reaps $72,000 a year, pays $1.4 million for home
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What can we do about social isolation
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Vancouver Park Board commissioner floats ban on harmful balloons
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Prominent West Vancouver Realtor® denies he demanded $75K bonus
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BC handed out $4 million in environmental fines in 2016
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NDP candidate wants more housing - just not near him
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Vetting an apartment before you buy
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Langford man suing over blasting on neighbour's site
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Why the foreign buyers tax isn't making Vancouver more affordable
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Vancouver is the third most livable city in the world
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North Vancouver developers to pay higher rates for bigger projects
Business in Vancouver, August 18, 2017
The ethics of high prices: should Vancouver home owners take the money?
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Developers to pay higher rates for bigger projects in the City of North Vancouver
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BC government trying to seize Richmond mansion used for violent crime and money laundering
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Assess the facts first: corporation hope new government will keep the Massey Bridge project alive
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Four new strategies you can use this year to get ahead of Ottawa's proposed tax changes
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Metro Vancouver's Kingsway headquarters on chopping block
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One house, four homes: the potential of stacked flats
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Trying stuff in New Westminster
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What happens to your house when you get deported? Most undocumented immigrants who get deported are Latino men with jobs.  This has a ripple effect on housing
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They are basically running hotels. Property management companies AirBnb's biggest winners
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Canadian Realtors® brace for the end of the boom as housing market tightens
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 Canada's low mortgage default rate doesn't mean everything's fine
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New government brings new approach to housing issues
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Taxman taking tougher stance on rental buildings
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City quadruples housing targets for purpose-built rental homes
Mayor of Vancouver, July 25, 2017
Vancouver plans to regulate short-term rentals
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Why the loonie shot higher and what it means to you
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BC housing starts slip but stay above trend (chart)
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How Premier John Horgan will put me out of a job
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City of Richmond gives John Horgan options to twin George Massey Tunnel
Richmond News, July 25, 2017 
Trail head tree cutting irks North Shore neighbours
North Shore News, July 25, 2017
District of North Vancouver gets first peek at Delbrook Lands affordable housing
North Shore News, July 25, 2017
New approach to explore deeper affordability in new rental apartments
Mayor of Vancouver, July 24, 2017
Duplex, triplexes, fourplexes, oh my, for SW Coquitlam
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Clients buying US property? Consider trusts
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How do strata owners split the proceeds when selling to developers?
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Not what Realtors® want to hear: long workdays may be bad for your heart
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BC's unemployment numbers up in June
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Bill 40 condo sellers hit the lottery
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10 ways to reduce housing prices in Metro Vancouver
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Canada's annual inflation rate eases to one per cent in June
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CRA's tax shift collides with municipal rental incentives
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Stetski calls out restrictions on Credit Unions
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Canadians snatch up foreign properties
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Builder says property owners can help solve Vancouver's affordability crisis
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Commute cost versus shelter costs tradeoffs
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Performing a branding effectiveness analysis
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Spending up in Canada 3.88 per cent in second quarter of 2017
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Tax changes would hurt profitable businesses opponents warn Ottawa
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Canadians should be worried about real estate slowdown (20-minute audio recording)
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Retail shift drive increased demand for industrial real estate
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A smarter tax would help ease Vancouver's housing crises
The Province, July 19, 2017
AirBnb expands trips experiences to Vancouver
AirBnb, July19, 2017
What Vancouver can learn from Trump supporters
Vancouver Courier July 18, 2017
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National Association of Realtors®
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Vancouver Realtors® pledge $10,000 for victims of BC wildfires, but we need help
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Why you should and shouldn't share your location using a Smartphone
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Renters of Vancouver: that's when the bidding war started
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Canada: Mortgages on the rise and a massive ice chunk
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Vancouver Chinatown condo project to be downsized due to Council's rejection
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How big is too big in Richmond? Public hearing will decide on Monday
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Liberal bridge spin offensive
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Can Massey Tunnel bottleneck be relieved by short sea shipping?
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Interest rate hike: don't panic, plan ahead say local financial planners
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Holdout splits City of Vancouver project into two locations on Southwest Marine Drive
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How to escape the online spies
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Experts weigh in on first interest rate hike in 7 years
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Interest rate hike a double-edged sword for Vancouver housing
Metro News, Vancouver, July 12, 2017
How much will the Bank of Canada's interest rate rise cost you?
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How long will BC's new government last?
Georgia Straight, July 2, 2017
Today, July 17 Richmond Council Meeting - public hearing regarding the Zoning Bylaw Amendment related to Building Massing of Single Family Dwellings is item #7 on the Agenda. Here is new information and here is the previous information package.
Thursday, July 20, 2017 The City of Vancouver is hosting a public hearing on the rezoning of the Dogwood Pearson Site at 500 - 650 West 57th Avenue. Learn more.

The real estate agent's  guide to winning over more customers and closing more deals
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BC forest fires: how you can prepare your family and help animals
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Record high home prices in Victoria in Q2 2017
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Americans see homeownership as a good investment, affordability as a growing concern
National Association of Realtors®, July 14, 2017
June residential real estate sales soar in BC, but not in areas you'd expect
BC Business, June 13, 2017
Greater Vancouver housing market continues to defy expectations
Global BC TV, July 13, 2017
Greater Vancouver home sales and prices up in June
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Local governments sound alarm over development on Vancouver's Grouse Mountain
Globe & Mail, July 13, 2017
Photos: Mount Pleasant then and now
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How technology will affect commercial real estate
BC Business, June 13, 2017
Teardowns in Vancouver (Interesting infograph map)
Jenns Von Bermann, July 13, 2017
Central Saanich woman awarded $110,000 after neighbour builds house blocking her views
Vancouver Sun, July 13, 2017. This article is about a restrictive covenant, which we explained in this Royal Pacific Realty Group articleearlier this year
The best paint colour to sell a home
Realtor Magazine, July 13, 2017
Investors make up 90% of this market
Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, July 12, 2017Here's an interest rate forecast (5-page pdf)
Central 1 Credit Union, July 10, 2017
Mortgages won't be the only problem for Canadians as rates rise
CBC News, July 10, 2017
27% if Canadians in over head with mortgage payments (includes 3-minute video)
Business News Network, July 10, 2017
Why women need to be financial savvy
The Star, July 10, 2017
Regulate short-term rentals with a light touch
Vancouver Sun, July 8, 2017
BC continues to see steady job growth
Global News, July 5, 2017
BC Liberals' home loans (Up to $37,500) a risk for the most vulnerable
The Tyee, July 7, 2017
City of Vancouver sweeping $1.5 million discount under the rug
The Breaker, July 7, 2017
Fastest way to more rental housing? Tax changes
The Tyee, July 6, 2017
Stop blaming foreign home buyers
Sightline institute, July 5, 2017
Fraser Valley apartment sales reach all-time high in June
Fraser Valley Real Estate Board, July 5, 2017
Short-term rentals generate almost 300 complaints
Vancouver Courier, July 5, 2017
Vancouver mayor predicts new Airbnb rules will free up 1,000 units
Globe & Mail, July 5, 2017
Buyer beware: defects that home sellers may not disclose
Mondaq News, July 5, 2017Canada is the world's most reputable country
Business in Vancouver, July 5, 2017. Here is the report this is based on.
Demand for condominiums continues to outstrip supply, according to latest stats report
Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, July 5, 2017
Victoria home sales see second hottest June sales on record
Real Estate Weekly, July 5, 2017
Individual investors still own more than half the apartments, foreign investors barely making a dent
Financial Post, July 5, 2017
Plausible scenarios in the event of a Bank of Canada interest rate hike
Mortgage Broker News, July 5, 2017
Central 1 CEO Don Wright to head BC Public Service in new government
Central 1 Credit Union, July 5, 2017
Mayor Gregor Robertson's penthouse apartment
Montecristo Magazine, July 5, 2017
Vancouver property owners in panic to rent as vacancy tax implemented
CBC News, July 4, 2017
City of North Vancouver topples proposed tree cutting restrictions
North Shore News, July 4, 2017
In Coquitlam, habitat for humanity builds "buy back" affordable housing
CBC News, July 4, 2017
Ease up on accelerator before stop light: Poloz comments on interest rates ahead of decision deadline
CBC News, July 4, 2017
Vancouver's unoccupied home rate is high, but not unusual
Business in Vancouver, July 4, 2017
Surrey woos companies with pro-business formula
Business in Vancouver, July 4, 2017
Oak Bay voted as best place to live in BC
Oak Bay News, July 4, 2017

Why Canadians won't sue over spam emails
CTV News, June 30, 2017
Over one quarter of young families willing to trade their urban homes for cottages
Mortgage Broker News, June 30, 2017
One in three homebuyers make an offer sight unseen
Forbes, June 30, 2017
NDP leader John Horgan becomes BC Premier designate
Vancouver Courier, June 29, 2017
Vancouver City Hall approves so-called empty homes tax
Michael Geller's Blog, June 29, 2017
Deadline for landlords to rent homes, avoid tax is July 1, 2017
Vancouver Courier, June 29, 2017
Vancouver still Canada's least affordable housing market, but Toronto closing in
Business in Vancouver, June 29, 2017
BC residents say moving is worse than divorce
Real Estate Weekly, June 29, 2017
2.8% of Metro homes bought by foreign buyers since tax launch
Real Estate Weekly, June 29, 2017
Ground water licensing for shared wells
BC Real Estate Association, June 28, 2017
Florida developer reaches for sky in Kelowna
Business in Vancouver, June 27, 2017
Housing migrants driving recreational property price inflation
Business in Vancouver, June 27, 2017
Bridge and office tower up in the air
Richmond News, June 27, 2017
What you need to know about property taxes - due in early July
Royal Pacific Realty Group, June 26, 2017
 Condo flipping on the rise as Vancouver market heats up
Global News, June 27, 2017
Five tips to make sure you're getting the best deal from your bank (5-minute video)
Financial Post, June 27, 2017
What you need to know about property taxes - due in early July
Royal Pacific Realty Group, June 26, 2017
BC MLAs make political history
Vancouver Sun, June 26, 2017
Vancouver leads Cascadia in protected bike lanes
Georgia Straight, June 26, 2017
Canuck the crow visits East Vancouver McDonalds, helps himself to customer's meals
Global News, June 26, 2017
Join Metro Vancouver's mailing list and find out what's happening in the region
Metro Vancouver, June 26, 2017
Cyber fraud is only getting worse in Canada but the punishments are getting lighter
Financial Post, June 26, 2017
Yaletown launches free wifi as Vancouver looks to expand coverage
CBC News, June 22, 2017
13,00 more trees for Port Coquitlam
Tri-City News, June 22, 2017
1075 Bitcoins will get you a home in Coquitlam
Vancouver Courier, June 22, 2017
Vancouver developers flock to build in Victoria's core
Vancouver Courier, June 20, 2017

Real Estate Council to hear case on prominent West Vancouver realtor
Vancouver Sun, June 20, 2017
A Vancouver house makes more than you do: introducing the National Post salary ranking calculator
Vancouver Sun, June 20, 2017
Concord Pacific unveils massive plans for its portion of North East False Creek
Daily Hive, June 20, 2017
Recreational property in BC booming as Vancouver homeowners cash out

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